Newsworthy Researchers Speaking on Vaccines and Chronic Disease

Lawrence Solomon: Why the Press Shouldn’t Dismiss Vaccine Skeptics

Mainstream media and the government largely discount the value offered by vaccine skeptics, says Lawrence Solomon, research director at the Consumer Policy Institute.  In his Huffington Post article, Solomon reveals that well-respected doctors are some of the first to question vaccines and their effect on our wellbeing.

One of these well-respected doctors, Dr. Bernadine Healy, serves as an important reminder that not everyone in government believes that vaccines are entirely safe, or that side-effects have been fully discovered.  As the former head of the National Institute of Health and the former Chair of the White House Cabinet Group on Biotechnology – both government positions – Dr. Healy is a very credible governmental source.

In Solomon’s article, Dr. Diane Harper, a lead developer of the controversial Gardasil vaccine who says the vaccine may hurt more people than it helps, is also featured.  Solomon wonders why the mainstream media struggles so much with balancing the opinions of people like Dr. Healy and Dr. Harper with pro-vaccine opinions.

Key Statement: “Identify the vulnerable populations, the skeptics say, so that all can be confident when vaccines are administered. For this, [vaccine skeptics] deserve our appreciation, not our ridicule.”

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